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Image of people cooking in a commercial kitchen

Kitchen 1014

* No Current vacancies *

Commercial Kitchens for Rent

Commercial kitchens produce wonderful food

Where Great Food is Made

Kitchen 1014 provides Health Department approved commercial kitchen facilities for food artisans and entrepreneurs in Oakland and San Leandro.


Caterers, food delivery services, bakers, pie, cookie makers and more have made Kitchen 1014 their home.


Each location provides slightly different facilities that suit different cooking and preparation styles.


From hot lines, to dry, cooler and freezer storage, there's a location to suit most needs.


No long-term memberships required. Our fair monthly pricing is calculated by hourly usage per table. We require a minimum of 40 hours per month per prep table for 2 people.


Bulk Monthly Hour Packages

40 - 59 hrs per table per month - $25 / hour

60 - 79 hrs per table per month - $23 / hour

80+ hrs per table per month - $20 / hour


Special Requests

Contact us


We provide dry, cooler, and freezer storage at an additional monthly cost. Prices vary by space required and location.

Commercial kitchens produce wonderful food
Pic of food cooked and ready to eat

Basic Requirements

Monthly Hour Minimum

Our minimum monthly package is 40 hours per table (no proration for unused time) up to 2 people.


Liability Insurance

Provide proof and copy of liability insurance ($1M, naming Kitchen 1014, LLC as additional insured).


Business License

Provide proof and copy of a valid business license.


Food Handling

Provide a copy of a valid food handling certificate.

Caterer's Permit

Alameda County requirement to operate as a Caterer.


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