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Unusual snack food flavors

​It's a cultural thing. Here are some of the more unusual snack food flavors you can buy... if you really want to.

- Pizza & spaghetti slushees (Canada)

- Raw horse meat ice cream (Japan)

- Swedish Fish Oreo (Sweden)

- Yogurt Pepsi (Japan)

- Wasabi Kit-Kat (Japan)

- Grilled corn Kit-Kat (Japan)

- Dry pork & seaweed donuts (China)

- Spaghetti Popsicle (Japan)

- Seaweed cheese donuts (Singapore)

- Fish soup flavored Lays (China)

- Squid ink burger (Japan Burger King)

- Flying fish roe pizza (Japan Pizza Hut)

- Tomato and carrot Häagen-Dazs ice cream (Japan)

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